System Integration

System Integration

We understand how important it is for customers to have multiple systems communicate to each other and work as a coordinated unit. This helps in improving employee productivity and ensuring seamless data connectivity which enables companies to better analyze business processes.

At DEM Controls Limited, we bring together sub-systems via various industrial protocols like ETHERNET, MODBUS, PROFIBUS and many more. Our goal is to aggregate the sub-systems into a single System with ability to achieve the targeted production capacity & deliver the final product expected of any process.

Our team of skilled professionals applies global best practices when carrying out systems integration works, majorly during software interface configuration, physical connection and in defining the right communication media (e.gfibre optics, Ethernet CAT cable categories, serial communication cable, gateways & converters, connectors, repeaters and other communication devices).

With our Multi-OEM (original equipment manufacturers) brands experience, DEM Controls Limited integrates various vendors’ products as one within a system and enables them to share data needed to achieve the system & process objectives.

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Our systems integration services include;

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Process Flow Analysis
  • Systems Architecture
  • Third Party Communication Set up & Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Customer Training

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