Operations & Maintenance Support
(Life Cycle Management)

Operations & Maintenance Support (Life Cycle Management)

At DEM Controls Limited, We know how important increased productivity is to customers. Hence, we are always ready to provide world class services in achieving this.

We have expertise to provide day-to-day maintenance call-out services to putting equipment/systems in continuous operation enabling them to perform their intended functions.

Major maintenance service we offer covers:

donePreventive Maintenance

doneCorrective Maintenance

donePredictive Maintenance

During these maintenance support, Our Field service team carry out inspection, online monitoring/evaluation, system memory optimization, downloads, software updates, back ups, restoration, components replacement, cleaning, servicing, adjusting and adequate maintenance report documentation, recommendations and refresher trainings for operators when required.

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Spare & Obsolescence Management

Aside from adequate O&M services, it is very important to ensure your facilities have equipment/products that are still under OEM support. DEM Controls Limited offers services to carry out plant audit to evaluate products that are obsolete, becoming obsolete, and system capacity required for effective plant operation.

It is our goal to provide these recommendations ahead of time to ensure customers have required product in stock at anytime to avert any operation or production disruption that could arise due to scarcity of replacement for legacy systems

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