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With a goal of being an engineering Icon, we offer services covering the major phases of engineering designs such conceptual engineering, basic engineering and detailed engineering.

Engineering is a key important part of a project as it focuses on defining the problem, carrying out background research, specifying requirements & specifications, evaluating & choosing solutions, developing solution prototype, testing solutions in compliance to defined requirements and communicating results.

At DEM Controls, it is our goal to ensure we run clients project engineering deliverables through this process stages. A brief description of how DEM handles engineering projects is shown below:

Phase 1-Conceptual Engineering/Feed (Front-End-Engineering-Design)

This stage can also be referred to as FEL (Front-End-Loading). During FEED, DEM carries out feasibility test of projects. This is an important phase of conceptual engineering as it covers both the economic and technical aspect of all project engineering.

It serves as basis for us in developing the next few processes involved in the other two phases (Basic & Detailed).

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Our Focus during this phase of the project engineering includes:

• Facility production capacity and products levels

• Project standards, regulations and environmental conditions

• Production/manufacturing process description and functional       requirements (where applicable)

• Description of Installation & Erection Milestones

• Layout plans and drawings with regards to areas, people, materials

• Anciallary service requirements

• Equipment and

• Investment Valuation

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Phase 2-Basic Engineering

Our target here is to provide reflection of all the necessary requirements of the project. We carry out the development of the data collected, user requirement preparation and development of parameters for different tasks such as:

• FEED/Conceptual engineering review
• Functional requirements review
• Facilities, equipment & materials datasheets
• Load calculation
• Piping diagrams and Instrumentation (P&ID)
• List of equipment and consumption

Phase 3-Detailed Engineering

DEM knows the criticality of this stage and as such incorporates expert knowledges from all technical disciplines needed (i.e. mechanical, civil, electrical, piping, automation, telecommunications, instrumentation, etc.) to establish the set of deliverables required by the clients.

This means that the project is inching closer to reality and ideas are transforming into actual, tangible and specific entities.

We ensure that every component, subsystem and parts relevant to the project is properly documented, procured and implemented. While the project viability is determined in basic engineering, every detail concerning the entirety of the project including end-user satisfaction and functionality are covered in detailed design.

While we know there are instances where the first two phases are obviated depending on what the project requires, detailed engineering design is a must for all projects. It firms up the solutions by developing every specific detail/requirement to meet the demands of the project/customer needs

Below is a brief description of our major tasks at this stage:

  • Final site survey & system audit
  • Design Drawings/detailed diagrams
  • Calculations & Simulations
  • System Development
  • Checking & Assembling Parts
  • Standards compliance verification
  • Development & reviewing all documentation within the document index or register

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